The Jumping Stag



This Fabulous Jumping Stag is a beautiful example of copper fuming.

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature with this captivating sculpture, an exquisite portrayal of a majestic male deer. Adorned with a crown of tall antlers, this jumping deer stands ready for the ultimate tests of strength and dominance.

Each piece is truly unique and no two pieces are the same hand sculpted with no control over the colour patten from the copper fuming it’s no wonder that Julia’s sculpture’s are sort after pieces.

This unique handmade sculpture is a captivating work of art adding depth, character and beauty space they inhabit. Sculptures become a focal point that enrich the environment and contributes to the aesthetics of a space.

They create visual interest, stimulates conversation, and evokes a sense of wonder, transforming ordinary surrounding into extraordinary realms of artistic expression.